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The Advocator…. When signing a petition is just not enough!

With The Advocator, everyday people, experienced political activists, and small to mid-sized businesses & organizations can work to change local, state and federal laws by joining with like-minded people to crowdfund a coalition, hire an experienced lobbyist, and/or fund a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Lobbyists can bid for jobs and are held accountable via contracts, as well as user reviews and ratings, which are transparently displayed on their profiles.

Pre-existing coalitions and PACs can join The Advocator to connect with new groups of people who want to join you in making change in the world.

Find a coalition that supports the issue you’d like to change, or start your own. It’s easy.

You’ll be guided the entire way by veteran lobbyist and advocate, Darlene Richeson.

Select a qualified lobbyist and/or attach a PAC in a few very simple steps to affect change

Keep track of the donations and inspire giving by setting attainable milestones and offering rewards. Your members choose how they want to support, and get regular updates on the progress.

The Advocator will be launching soon. Sign up here for updates:


How To Find A Lobbyist

After you’ve formed your Coalition, you’ll want to find a Lobbyist to advocate for your issue. Search through the Lobbyist Directory, review their profiles, and find just the right Lobbyist who has experience in the issue area you want to influence.

The Advocator needs State and Federal Lobbyists

Coalitions will need State and Federal Lobbyists to advocate on their behalf with elected officials. All you need to do is build a Profile on The Advocator. It’s easy and there is no cost to you! You can even use your LinkedIn page to simplify the process. Once Coalitions know who you are and see your areas of expertise, they will come to you!  After your fees are raised by the Coalition, The Advocator takes care of the rest. What a fresh and exciting way to attain new clients!

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